With a new direction comes additional complications (pun intended), when designing a movement from the beginning, all of the dimensions of wheels, pinions etc are arbitrary, in that if it looks good and is mathematically right then it should work, if not then you can adjust dimensions and try again. To use parts from an existing calibre requires measurement of each component that is going to be used, as well as the measurements between components eg the distances between centres of each train wheel, escapement parts etc.

In the normal course of my work I had acquired a variety of equipment, but nothing that would be accurate enough to transfer components from one movement to another. I had been advised (again by Peter Speake-Marin) that an optical comparator was used to derive the measurements that I would require, funnily enough there isn’t one sitting in my workshop, so shopping I would go.

I have managed to derive the location of an optical comparator relatively nearby, but along with most things I require lack the finances needed to acquire it. In a discussion in the workshop I was told that a toolmakers microscope may fit the requirements I have. Back to shopping again, I have sourced and paid for a Leitz toolmakers microscope that will be arriving in approximately 8 weeks from Canada.

Once this arrives I will add pictures of the process used to transfer the components, and any modifications to the components that I will have to make.