I came to watchmaking by accident while working as an accounts clerk in Melbourne, on my last day of an annual leave break in early 2001 my wife Nikki spotted an advertisement in the local jobs section for “apprentice watchmaker” and thought I may be interested, being of a technical bent. The rest will be history.

During my apprenticeship I was exposed to many and varied types and brands of watches, from the service station $5.00 digitals, to 200 year old English fusee pocket watches. One of the other watchmakers had a copy of a wonderful book titled “watchmaking” which had a great array of techniques, tools and pretty pictures of watches and unfathomable mechanisms. Repeatedly I was told that no-one worked this way anymore, and that it wasn’t practical to do it, especially in Australia. Never one to shirk from a challenge I took it upon myself to learn the skills and techniques required to make (to my knowledge) the first Australian made wristwatch.

This blog is to tell the story of my progress so far, and more to come…