In this post are some of the initial renders of the movement I plan to make, all dimensions are custom, as I plan to make all components (using pre-made jewels, shock settings, hairspring and mainspring.)

Train as Originally Planned

Train as Originally Planned

This movement as designed uses a co-axial extra flat escapment, which will be re-designed to use the normal execution of the co-axial escapement as designed by George Daniels or a standard swiss lever escapement.

The movement as designed also uses a key-wind, key-set mechanism to remove any machining of the mainplate from the sides, due to limitations of my tooling and skills (This may change as i gather more skills).


I also have considered the idea of PVD black plates with blue sapphire jewels, which I quite like the look of.


Even without wheels made, I decided to machine out a prototype mainplate and upper bridges to check my machining ability if nothing else, they don’t look too bad. The dial side bridge/s definitely need rework however as the layout is quite messy, once I have my new measurements I will start from scratch again, while retaining as much as possible of the original design. (except the front plates)